The Mission

We have seen the sport of golf grow year on year. It’s safe to say that the sport which has been around since the 15th century is not going away! 

Even with the sport growing, many people still have the mindset that ‘golf is too expensive to get started’ or ‘it’s too complicated to understand’. 

As avid golfers ourselves, who want to continually improve our game, we found that it only takes a quick Google to find a lot of nonsense online, written by people who want to make a quick buck at the expense of others (mainly beginners) who know no better. Our mission is to eliminate this from the market and bring you, our readers, high quality, research backed and personally tested golfing guides, information and product reviews. 

If it doesn’t improve your game, if it doesn’t fit your budget, if it doesn’t suit your playing style, we won’t recommend it. 
"What I think sets this website apart from others is that we spend the time to test and research all of the products. We have no agenda and are not looking to sell you anything – we just want to share our golfing experience so you can avoid some of the (very expensive!) mistakes I/we made at the beginning of our golfing journey."
Joe. M