Best Back Brace For Golf: Play In Comfort

Best back brace for golf

best back brace for golf

Playing golf requires the flexible movement and rotation of your shoulders around your spine to swing fully. This requires the use of your back muscles. Whilst I can’t speak specifically for myself, I can for my old man. In fact it was only last week when we had paid to play one of the better courses in our local area, and his round wasn’t a pleasant one due to persistent back pain. 


I asked my dad what he could do to help out his pain? Being a medical and sports doctor, he mentioned that a back brace or back belt would be beneficial for him. I thought surely there are other golfers out there with this problem. Which led me to research and find the best back brace for golf (for our readers and my old man). 


In a 2013 article published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, it mentioned that wearing a strong lower back support can be beneficial for minimizing harmful forces to the lower back whilst golfing. 


Other benefits included, an increase in the rotation of the golfers hips, reduction of the rotations of the lower back specifically and a reduction in ‘over-extending’ during the follow through phase of the swing. 


It also mentioned that whilst a softer back belt does offer some protection, a stronger brace helped back soreness more by increasing the stiffness of your core. The protection is more relevant with amateur golfers as their swing planes are often more unbalanced resulting in a worse technique and more back pain. If your swing could be the cause of the bad back, you could look into a swing plane trainer.  




Whilst a softer back belt will be more comfortable, less noticeable and feel less restrictive, it won’t offer as much back protection as a stronger back brace. So you will have to determine how bad your situation is and understand that the safety of your back is important! You don’t want it to get worse. 


How to help avoid lower back pain:


  • Warm up before your round

  • Stretch before and after, learn a stretching routine

  • Yoga on regular basis can increase flexibility and reduce stiffness

  • Get a professional back massage

Best back brace for golf - Our top picks


This back brace for golf is comfortable and great for alleviating back pain – Hundreds of positive customer reviews can attest to that. It is fully adjustable so you can get the perfect pressure for your pain, without feeling over restrictive. Be sure to check the sizing chart on the product page before purchasing to get the right size for you. 

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The Aidbrace is a great choice for anyone looking for additional back support whilst playing golf and off the course. With thousands of positive customer reviews, this back brace has been well loved by people in all walks of life and for a whole range of different back issues that cause pain. It is fully adjustable so you can get the right pressure for your back – just make sure to refer to the sizing charts before purchasing. 

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Best Soft Back Belt For Golf:


Soft back braces are often preferred over the harder braces whilst playing sports due to the extra movement with them and the way they feel. The copper fabric allows for a very strong and supportive material whilst remaining extremely flexible allowing for a full range of movement. Overall this is a great choice for a golfer due to the flexibility you get whilst still having a lot of pressure and support on your back. 

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Conclusion: Best back brace for golf

The best back brace for golf, may not seem like something that should be high on your list of priorities but this is an item which you would rather have around too early than around too late, because the injury is likely to get worse over time, especially if left unmanaged. 


We have all had rounds where we walk off the course a bit sore and stiff, whilst this is usually fine and goes in a couple of days, you would rather of had something in place to prevent this happening in the first place. 


Whether you are a senior golfer, or an experienced pro, the best back brace for golf is something that I would strongly recommend all golfer shaving as part of their equipment. 


The best back brace for golf is KoK Lower back brace with pulley system This is perfect for anyone with ongoing and new back issues, it offers a lot of support for your back, whilst maintaining compression to relieve pain and maintains full range of motion in your golf swing. 


If you are someone who would prefer to wear a softer back brace, commonly referred to as a ‘belt’, the Copper Compression lower back brace would be a great choice for you. 


Whilst it’s difficult to find a back brace specifically for golfers, they are usually produced for a range of sports and activities, and can be worn both on the course and off.

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