Best Golf Bags For Push Carts: Top Bags of 2020 Reviewed

If you choose to push a cart during your round of golf then you should seriously look into getting a dedicated cart golf bag. The best golf bags for push carts have loads of features and are extremely versatile. Whether it be having large pockets for all your storage needs or separators to protect the integrity of your golf clubs – these bags will have it. 

Aside from the awesome functionality, the main reason why the best golf bags for push carts should be top of your list is that they will easily, efficiently and securely attach to your push cart. I have seen first hand the issues caused when using a push cart with a normal golf bag and the result was not good (to cut a long story short, my dad lost a 3 iron and a push cart – read on to hear the full story). 

The best golf bags for push carts will have loads of storage, locking systems (to attach to your push cart) and will be light enough for you to pick up with all of your gear inside. 

Read on to see our full buyers’ guide and favourite products. 

Best golf bags for push carts - quick buy

Top pick – Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 14 Cart Bag – Click here to quick buy on Amazon. 

Best budget buy – TaylorMade Golf Select Cart Bag – Click here to quick buy on Amazon.

Next best pick – Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag – Click here to quick buy on Amazon.

Best golf bags for push carts - top 3 in detail

This my top pick for the best golf bag for push carts. The design of this bag is first class. It has pockets for every item you would possibly need out on the course (including a dedicated range finder pocket) whilst prioritising club protection with a separate putter well and full length dividers. The fabric used is heavy duty so this bag will last year after year (basically until you fancy changing it up). 

You would think that with heavy-duty fabric and breathtaking functionality this cart bag would be very heavy, however at 6lbs this bag is super-lightweight and is ideal for all golfers. 


This is my ‘best value’ golf bag for push carts. There is plenty of room for all of your equipment and with a large rain hood it is ideal for people who regularly play in the rain. 

The fabric is made from tough stuff and with a world-renown brand such as TaylorMade you know you are buying the best. There are some reports of seams becoming frayed after only a short time but having owned a TaylorMade bag (not this one) for 5 years I can say that this has not been the case with me. 

This bag is perfect for golfers looking for a stylish, rain-proof, durable and lightweight bag which can be used all season round. 

This is a really good golf bag for push carts – in fact, it is the one which my dad uses out on the course. 

It has loads of storage room for everything you need whilst playing including a double-lined (fleeced) valuables pocket, a well-placed rangefinder holder and a dedicated drinks cooler which  holds 12 cans. The sturdy construction and long lasting fabric make this an ideal long-term investment. Furthermore, it has plenty of security features to ensure that the bag locks onto your cart quickly and efficiently. 

The Cobra golf bag also includes a rain hood and an oversized putter slot at the front of the bag.  

The only downside with this bag is that it does not come with full length dividers to keep your club shafts separated. Personally, I have no problem with this but if you are wanting to take extra care with your club shaft then it might be worth picking another model. 

Other options for the best golf bags for push carts

Quick View: this bag is ideal for those players who prioritize the security and protection of their clubs above all else. My personal feeling is that the 14 separate compartments would annoy me rather than help me but this is the beauty of this design – some will love it and others will hate it. If you do love it then this bag is unbelievably good value. 

Quick view: this bag has been designed for golfers who just want a simple, easy to use golf bag which does away with complex features and just focuses on doing the fundamentals well. My brother has had a Mizuno bag for a few years and he states that is in as good condition today as the day he bought it so from experience I can say it is made from strong materials.

Quick view: this is perfect for golfers looking to pick up a bag with character which attached easily to your push cart. Personally, I think this bag is expensive for what it offers but the color options are unique and the retro style may be to your taste. 

Things to consider when picking a golf bag for push carts

How easy is it to attach to a cart

When looking to buy the best golf bag for push carts, the first, and most important factor to consider is how easily it can be attached to your cart. If you already own a cart, it may be worth looking at what bag the manufacturer recommends – this way you are sure that the bag you buy was designed specifically for the push cart you own. 


If you don’t have this information, there are measures which you can look for before buying your best golf bag for push carts. 


The first is the dimensions of the bag compared to the dimensions of your push cart. If these match up then you should have no problem. Remember that when your bag is full it will be bulkier than the dimensions suggest so factor this into your sizing. 


The second is a locking system. This system is how the bag attaches itself to your cart. Most push carts will have straps which you place through a strap-pass location on your bag. It is vital that the strap-pass through the location is in a position which does not impede access to the pockets in your bag. My dad currently has a cart bag where the straps are inconveniently placed and it really is an effort to get the bag to attach to his cart so I would definitely check this before you buy.


Top tip: I snapped my straps on my push cart which meant that the bag did not stay in place. To fix this I used bungee straps (click here for more info) which kept my bag in place perfectly! This saved me a fortune on new straps or even worse – a new push cart.


The best golf bags for push carts come in a range of shapes and sizes. Given that you will be attaching your bag to a push cart you could opt for a slightly larger bag which can carry more equipment. This is one of the advantages of using a push cart. You could even opt for a cart bag which has a separate compartment for each club – this will offer maximum protection for your club heads (especially irons). 


Generally, a cart bag weighs between 30-40 pounds. If you are concerned about lugging your clubs from your car to the clubhouse then you should look for a lighter bag, otherwise, the weight of your bag should not be a major consideration.


An important element of any golf bag is the number of pockets it has and how versatile they are. This will make it easier to store all of the gear you need for your round. Each bag will have different pocket types and you will need to decide which one suits you best. Here are some common pocket types: 


Cooler Pocket – Who doesn’t love a cold beer, or a refreshing drink of water when playing a round of golf. Having a dedicated cooler pocket means you will have cool refreshments on hand for when you start to get tired and/or thirsty whilst playing your round. The cooler pocket will be insulated so that your drinks remain cool whilst the fabric will be waterproof to prevent any leaks from entering other compartments in your bag. 


Tee Pocket – The amount of time I spend looking for a tee is ridiculous so this feature is one which is a must for me! A handy tee pocket is not essential but it can lower your frustration levels before you play your next tee shot. 


Putter Well – Putters are typically shorter than the other clubs in your bag. This can lead to it getting scratched and scuffed (especially on the club face). To prevent this from happening some golf bags have a dedicated putter well which is separate from the other club compartments to prevent this damage from occurring. 


Valuables Pocket – This section is usually on the inside of your bag. The fabric inside is soft and is usually waterproofed to protect valuables such as your wallet/purse, phone and car keys. This type of pocket comes as standard on most bags. 

Ball Pocket – Just like the tee pocket, this is an absolute must for me! A dedicated ball pocket will make it easy for you to access your golf balls quickly and efficiently.

Weather Protection

We all love golfing on those warm sunny days, but given a round of golf can take upwards of 4+ hours to play the weather can turn and work against you. If that is the case, you will want to have a waterproof cart bag which can withstand the rain. Without this protection, the fabric of your bag could be damaged from absorbing excess water, furthermore, your clubs, balls, tees, spare clothes etc. will become wet which will put a real dampener (sorry, couldn’t resist) on your round. 


Most golf bags will come with a rain hood to protect your club heads, and some will be made from water-resistant fabric so you don’t need to worry about leakage. Depending on where you live and the frequency of rain, you will want to invest in a high-quality bag that won’t have any problems in wet weather.

Different types of golf bags


This is the biggest type of golf bag and the one used by pros on tour. It is usually carried by a caddie which is why the size can be increased. Staff (or tour) bags are the most expensive, yet most luxurious on the market and have plenty of extra space for all belongings, alongside your golf clubs, such as extra clothing, waterproofs, gloves and golf balls. 


Staff bags are heavy and can weigh 10lbs on their own, which will put off most golfers. But, if you don’t let the weight put you off completely, these bags are constructed from the highest quality materials and have loads of room for those added luxuries out on the course.


Cart bags, also known as trolley bags, are design to be placed on a golf cart or trolley – whether they be push/pull/electric.


This bag is lighter than the tour bag and comes with features such as rubber, or non-slip base to prevent movement when it is attached to the cart. These bags are not designed to be carried around the course so if you are looking for one to walk with I would not recommend a cart bag – go for a stand bag instead. 


Finally, the cart bag will have plenty of pockets which, if well designed, should give you easy access to loads of storage space for all your stuff.


Pencil bags are designed for winter use. They are a lot smaller than the other bags and contain less storage space. Pencil bags are becoming increasingly popular and don’t worry, they still hold the standard 14 clubs for your round


Stand bags are one of the lightest on the market, weighing in at 5 pounds. The most distinctive feature about a stand bag is the two retractable legs which allow you to place the bag next to your next shot without having to lay it on the ground. 


Stand bags are the most popular type of golf bag for amateur golfers. It is perfect for players who want to carry their bag and walk the course. Most stand bags come with two straps which allow the bag to carried like a backpack.

How to take care of your golf bag

The best golf bags for push carts are designed to withstand tough terrain and harsh conditions. These are not flimsy pieces of kit. Even so, you will need to follow some simple maintenance tips to keep your bag in top shape. 


  • Keep it clean. Your bag will get dirty whilst out on the course; regardless of whether it is a hot day or chucking it down with rain. Make sure you wipe your bag down on a regular basis. Dirt will corrode and damage the fabric if left unchecked. 
  • Keep it dry. if you do get caught in the rain, be sure to empty all of the pockets and let them air out. If you don’t dry your bag, mold can grow inside, creating a nasty mess. 
  • Keep it covered. When you are not using the bag make sure it is covered and stored in a place which is not damp or dusty. This will protect the fabric and prevent mold from growing when not in use. 



Why Should you use a Golf Bag Designed for a Push Cart?

There two main reasons why you should always use the best golf bags for push carts rather than a generic (other types) of golf bag when using your cart. 


  • Access to pockets. A cart bag is designed carefully to ensure you have access to your pockets when it is in position on your push cart. This may seem trivial but it can become tiresome and frustrating having to remove your bag from the cart each time you need access to a specific pocket. 
  • Secure fitting. A cart bag will have all of the locking features needed to be fixed securely to your cart. Without this, you could see your gear being flung across the course as your ‘normal’ bag struggles to stick to your cart. Again, this may seem a minor inconvenience but my Dad actually snapped a club and his push cart when using an incorrect style bag. This happened because the weight distribution ion the stand bag he was using was not appropriate for the push cart. This is an extreme example but it cost him a small fortune to rectify – and he then had to buy a cart bag anyway.

Conclusion: best golf bags for push carts

To get the most out of your push cart you should really be looking to invest in your own cart bag. A cart bag will have loads of storage room for all your belongings whilst easily attaching itself to your push cart. Just remember to ensure that the bag you choose will fit to the dimension of your push cart. 

My top pick for the best golf bag for push carts is the Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 14. This bag offers everything you need and more. It has loads of pockets, dedicated slots for valuables and your rangefinder and has full length dividers to keep your clubs safe when out on the course. 

If you are after a budget option the TaylorMade Golf Select Golf Bag is great value which has loads of features such as strategically placed pockets, and which can be used in all weather conditions. If you regularly play in heavy rain or poor weather conditions I would strongly recommend this bag. 

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