Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands: Top 6 Reviewed

On a hot summer’s day, when you are chasing a good score, the last thing you want is for your game to fall apart because you cannot grip the club because of sweaty hands. Are you someone who has experienced this? If so, there is a quick and easy fix to resolve this issue. You need the best golf glove for sweaty hands. 


The best golf glove for sweaty hands will give you the confidence that the club will not slip and slide at the critical point of contact. When you are looking to invest in the best golf glove for sweaty hands you need to be looking for a well-ventilated glove which has a moisture-wicking fabric. If you are particularly worried about sweaty hands affecting your grip you could also look for a glove which offers extra traction on the fingers – there are a few options like this in our list of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. 


Even the best golf glove will not last you longer than a year so it is important to ensure you get a golf glove at a great value. However, you don’t need to be mindful that ‘cheap’ golf gloves will be made of synthetic material which is not the best for sweaty hands. Instead, I would recommend that you spend a little more on a leather glove from a well-known brand which has great ventilation.

My advice on what features to look for when buying the best golf glove for sweaty hands:


  • Make sure the glove is made from good leather or premium synthetic material.
  • The glove must have good ventilation. This will improve the breathability of the glove fabric. 
  • The glove should provide enough traction to grip the club in all conditions. Some gloves come with added grip built-in to the finger-tips of the glove.
  • Durability. Golf gloves are not cheap so it is vital you get one which lasts as long as possible. 

Quick buy: best golf glove for sweaty hands

Top pick for best golf glove for sweaty hands – Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol – Click to quick buy on Amazon.

Top value for best golf glove for sweaty hands – Grip Boost Men’s Golf Glove – Click to quick buy on Amazon. 

In detail: best golf glove for sweaty hands



Quick view: this is my pick for the best golf glove for sweaty hands. The perforation are ideal for reducing moisture on the fingers whilst the cuff is made from moisture wicking fabric. Given this is a Callaway glove it is no surprise that it is designed from premium leather and should withstand at least a full season of golf. 

If you are a golfer with sweaty hands I would strongly recommend this glove. 



Quick view: this golf glove has been designed to offer maximum ventilation and functionality to those who get sweaty hands playing golf. I like the style of these gloves and they are unbelievable value. 

This is my value pick for the best golf glove for sweaty hands. 









Buyers' guide: best golf glove for sweaty hands


Just like any other piece of apparel, golf gloves come in different sizes. This is important because size is too small and you will struggle to get it on your hand, and a size too big it will feel uncomfortable to grip. 


This is especially important for when selecting your best golf glove for sweaty hands. A glove too tight will cause you to perspire more and the friction could lead to aches and pains, whilst a glove too loose will not give you enough control on the grip.


This is down to personal preference. Most gloves are white with black trims. You can also get this color in reverse. If you are after a particular style or color then most glove styles can be customised for your own personal preference. 

The Ball Marker

This is a really neat feature and one which I have on all the gloves I use. On the velcro or button cuff, you will get a ball magnetic ball marker. This is ideal for quick and easy access when you are on the green. 

Now, gloves with the ball marker feature tend to be a little more expensive but this is usually offset by the cost of buying a separate ball market (also, with it being magnetically attached to your glove it is unlikely that you will lose it easily).

Breathable Fabric

On those hot summer days, you will definitely find yourself with sweaty hands after a few holes. Make sure you invest in a good quality golf glove which is well ventilated. The reality is, a cheap golf glove is not going to be made from a premium, breathable fabric so if you are wanting to buy the best golf glove for sweaty hands you should be looking for a top brand option. 


When I bought my first golf glove I was surprised by how much it cost. It is not a cheap piece of kit. But, given the importance of your golf glove, it is understandable. If you are keen to find as cheap a glove as possible you may need to make a couple of concessions. 


Firstly, if you pick a glove made of a synthetic material rather than leather you will save money. However, I would urge caution doing this when looking for the best golf glove for sweaty hands as the synthetic material may not be moisture-wicking or of good enough quality to prevent rubbing and abrasions from occurring on your skin. 


Secondly, if you don’t mind going off-brand you will definitely pick yourself up a good deal. The only potential downside to this is that you do risk getting a poor quality product as you can certainly guarantee that the big manufacturers will make their gloves from top-notch material and most will come with cool features such as a golf ball marker.

Will it be waterproof?

You can buy a special type of golf glove for playing in the rain. This glove works by increasing grip when they get wet. This type of glove is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for your bag. 


Rainproof golf gloves are sold in pairs rather than as a single glove. This is so you can get added grip with both hands when it is raining. 


Given the extreme grip these gloves give, it may be worth looking at these as an option if you suffer from extremely sweaty hands. That way you will maintain that strong grip on the glove regardless of your palm moisture or the weather conditions.

Should I wear one glove or two?

The vast majority of golfers wear one glove. However, there is nothing in the rule book which prohibits a player wearing two gloves. There are occasions where I have suited up with two gloves – for example – if I have played consecutive rounds over a few days I find that my finger joints begin to blister. Two gloves can help me continue playing through these issues. Another time when I wear two gloves is when I am wearing the aforementioned waterproof gloves. 

In the same way, you can choose to wear two gloves; you could also decide to forego wearing one at all. This is something my brother Ned does. He has never felt any difference in terms of grip on the club so has decided to save his money – I would point out that Ned regularly gets his grips replaced which mitigates against wearing a glove. For more information on grip fitting for people with sweaty hands click here.

When should I wear a glove?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to when or where to wear your best golf glove for sweaty hands whilst out on the course. Some players (myself included) like to remove the glove when putting, others will wear it for the entire round. My tip would be to get into a routine and stick to it. 


For players with sweaty hands, it may be worth removing the glove every now and again or even swapping gloves mid-round. The purpose of this would be to allow, extra ventilation to the hand whilst ensuring your grip on your club is not compromised by the moisture which is trapped in the fabric 

How can I make my golf glove last longer?

Whether you are a beginner to the game or a seasoned veteran nobody wants to be shelling out extra money when they could preserve their own kit, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to golf club maintenance but there are some general tips I follow every ounce of usage out of my trusted glove 

  •  At the end of your round make sure that you leave your glove where it can dry off. This should not be on a radiator or next to a open fire as this will damage the integrity of the leather or synthetic material 
  • You should regularly clean your glove to get rid of any dirt which is apparent on the fabric. To do this wipe your glove with a damp cloth under no circumstances should you put your glove in the washing machine.
  • Have a dedicated glove compartment in your golf bag that ensures the fabric is protected from sharp items including golf spikes or tees.


How often should I replace my glove?

It is hard to say as this depends on how often you play. I play twice a week and replace my glove every 12 months. I like to keep my old ones so I can alternate on hot days and use them for practice rounds – this will keep my ‘new’ glove fresh for longer. 

What material is my golf glove?

Golf gloves are typically made from leather or synthetic fabrics. The top brands will be made from the former which is why they are more expensive. The latter will offer better value but may not be suitable for players with sweaty hands. 

How do I stop my hands sweating when I play golf

There is no way to completely stop your hands sweating whilst playing golf. There are a number of methods to reduce the amount though, and the impact it has on your game. You could use hand chalk or pre-workout anti-sweat spray. Some other, natural tips for reducing sweating are to ensure you get fresh air and ventilation to your hand throughout the round (especially the glove hand) and try not to grip the club too tightly as this tension will cause sweating. 

Conclusion: best golf glove for sweaty hands

Having the right glove will give you the confidence that your hand will not slip at the crucial point. As such it is a vital piece of kit for those with sweaty hands. I have put together my best picks for the best golf glove for sweaty hands. My favourite is the Callaway. This glove offers great ventilation, is made from premium fabric (whilst being fairly priced) and has moisture-wicking technology built-in. 


As someone who plays with a Callaway glove I can personally testify to their longevity and comfort. I am someone who plays twice a week, 52 weeks a year and I find that this golf glove retains its grip and soft feeling round after round. I actually have a Callaway glove which is three years old which I still use for practice rounds and when I am down the local driving range which just shows the quality in design and construction. I am sure people have had faults with Callaway gloves but I can honestly say that in 5 years of wearing this brand of glove I have never had a tear, rip or seam split in any of the gloves I have used. 


Looking for the best golf glove for sweaty hands? I would strongly recommend the Callaway Patrol Premium Leather Glove.

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