Best Golf Grips To Improve Your Game In 2020

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Golf is a game in which advancements in technique, technology and equipment happen at a very fast pace every season. What was the best driver 2 or 3 years ago is often not even considered amongst the best today. The same applies to the best golf grips. With new materials, patterns, and textures developed regularly, you can see the pros and amateurs re-fitting their clubs with new grips more than ever in a hope to lower their score. 

Golf pride have been long recognized as the #1 brand when it comes to manufacturing the best golf grips. They are the number one choice of golf grips used by PGA Tour professionals.

Key Features: 

  • All-weather material keeps the grips ‘tacky’ even in wet conditions

  • Textured surface slows wear and aids with grip

  • Larger diameter on bottom of grip promotes a better/lighter grip of the club

The MCC plus 4 golf grips by Golf Pride, take our top spot for the best golf grips due to the design and performance of these grips. Featuring hybrid performance of the original MCC, but with a slightly softer compound material allows you to have confidence in your grip without holding the golf club overly tight which can cause you to start ‘pulling’ your golf shots. 

Years of research us behind the design – it is the much loved tour proven shape which makes the MCC plus 4 a popular choice amongst professionals and amateurs alike. Many pro’s like a thicker lower section of the grip, to reduce the tension in the bottom hand. To help this, the MCC plus 4 has a 4.6% larger outer diameter where you would place your lower hand. This encourages you to grip the bottom of the club with lighter pressure, promoting a smoother, more powerful and much more accurate shot. 


I personally use the MCC plus 4 golf grips from Golf Pride on my Mizuno irons, and I am very pleased with the overall performance of these grips in all weather conditions. So much so, that I’m in the process of purchasing more for my wedge set and fairway woods. 


Another fantastic example of how the best golf grips should be produced is from Golf Pride. 

Key Features:

  • Raised ridge on bottom of the grip allows you to repeatedly place your hands in the same position with every shot, leading to more overall consistency in your game

  • Pebbled texture enhances friction and control

  • Grips are specifically shaped to help you align square with the ball at address

The tour wrap 2G is one of Golf Pride’s most popular grips. It has a classic look which immediately attracts the attention of many golfers, however the grip has a lot of features which can positively impact your golf game. 


The grip has an alignment marker which makes you remain ‘square’ whilst addressing the ball, so the club head is always at the right angle when playing your shots. (Be cautious about this if you are changing the grips yourself, make sure to align the marker at the current angle).



If you are looking for a grip with a pebbled surface then the 2G could be the best golf grip for you. The pebbled texture promotes feel and response from the strike, whilst giving you enough grip for proper control. 


On the rear of the grip, there is another textures ridge which allows you to repeatedly place your hands in the same position every time you address the ball. This will lead to consistency in your game. 


The material is a hybrid rubber that remains fairly tacky in wet weather. There is also a cotton cord which runs through the grip. The chord provides a contrast between the rubber which prevents slippage of your hands.

Winn are another popular brand of golf grips used amongst amateur golfers, not only because of their features, but also their very affordable price range.

Key Features: 

  • WinnDry material remains tacky even when very wet

  • Durable material makes these golf grips last a long time

  • Textured design helps to promote a lighter golf grip, resulting in more feel and control. 

The dri-tac golf grips from Winn are their most popular set ever made. They are popular due to the rubber ‘feel’ the polymer material produces and the exceptional performance of the golf grip in wet conditions – great if you frequently play in wet conditions.


Many customers report that even after a full season of playing (some report 120+ rounds) that the grips are still very tacky and wear very little. If you are someone who doesn’t like to replace their grips very often then the Dri-tac grips from Winn could be a great choice.

Golf Pride are the most used golf grip manufacturer on tour, but the Tour Velvet is the number one grip used! It combines state-of-the-art rubber blend compound, a non slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort and confidence. This is the grip upon which many other golf grip manufacturers base their grip designs.


Key Features:



  • State-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence.

  • Scientifically designed plus sign texture created to pull moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction.

  • The standard in grip feel providing comfort and moderate feedback.

The Velvet grips don’t have the cotton chord texture that presents itself in many other golf grips on the market, but this doesn’t mean it lacks in comfort and tackiness. The rubber compound is tacky in all weather conditions, which allows a smooth controlled swing in both takeaway and downswing.
Customer reviews show just how much these grips are loved amongst low, mid and high handicap players. Many golfers report on the control, feel and responsiveness you get by playing with these golf grips.

SuperStroke are a golf grips manufacturer who have specialized in putter grips in the last few years. They have been that well received that they are one of the most popular putter grips on the PGA tour. If you’ve ever seen a player using one of the much larger/chunkier grips, chances are it was produced by SuperStroke. 

Key Features:

  • The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip is 1.30″ in Diameter and is Made of a Tacky Polyurethane Outer Layer

  • Exclusive Super Stroke Technology for a More Consistent Stroke 

  • Surface Texture Prevents the Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip User’s Hands From Slipping During Increment Weather Conditions

If you are currently struggling with a consistent putter backstroke and throughstroke, then you may be using a putter grip which is far too thin for your putter. Even the slim super stroke grips are regarded as slightly thicker than a standard club manufacturers putter grip. 
One of the biggest problem amateur golfers have with their putting game is that they grip the club too hard. The SuperStroke has patented parallel and cross traction terminology which helps to relax grip pressure to increase your shot consistency – for all playing levels.

Best Golf Grip - Buyers Guide & FAQ

What features to look for in your golf grip?

To increase the friction of the golf grip, they have textures and patterns printed into the grip. This allows you to hold the grip with less pressure which results in a much smoother, more controlled swing. Consistency and accuracy are a key component of golf, by swinging smoother you are likely to have a more consistent game.

Choosing the right golf grip pattern for you, largely comes down to personal preference and what you like the ‘feel’ of. If you are still not sure which grip you are looking to purchase then the customer review sections on Amazon can be a great way to gain an insight into what other users are saying. 


Golf grips come in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses to match your preference. If you are unsure of what size to go for, and have no idea what size your current golf grips are, I would go for ‘standard’ sizes as that’s likely what you already have. 


If you have large hands and have difficulty holding your club because it feels too ‘small’ then try a thicker size. The same applies to small hands and the feeling that you can’t wrap your fingers comfortably around your golf handle. 


Single product or set bundle?

When you start shopping around for different golf grips to use, you will notice that the same grips are often sold individually as well as in a full set. 


If you are looking for the best bargain, then buying the grips as part of a full set will reduce the price of each grip considerably and save you money in the long run. 


There are exceptions to this rule however. It’s likely that you will use different clubs more than others, for example, you will hit your driver and wedges much more than your 3 iron. If the majority of your club grips are in good conditions except one or two, I would just replace the grips that desperately need replacing.

What are jumbo golf grips?

It’s not massively common to find jumbo grips on irons and drivers, but there are becoming a popular choice for putter grips. I myself have a Super Stroke jumbo putter grip. I feel as if it gives me more control over the putter club head which results in a smoother putting stroke.

How do I change golf grips?

Most players will go to a pro shop or club making professional to get their clubs re-gripped. Most can be found at major retailers or their local golf course. However it can be done yourself and luckily it’s fairly straightforward! 

What you need: 

  • Tool to remove old grips

  • Grip tape

  • Solvent

  • A golf tee

Start off by using the grip removal tool to get off the old grip and then make sure you scrape off all the old grip tape residue from the top of your golf shaft. Once that is complete you can start adding the new grip tape. Apply the tape in a spiral formation from the bottom to the top of the shaft, finish it off with a little tape over the top of the shaft to help the new grip slide on easier. 

Next, take your new golf grip and place a golf tee in the small hole in the top of the grip. Then pour some of your grip solvent into the new grip, swish it around so the entire interior of the grip is coated. Pour the solvent from inside the grip over the grip tape you have just applied to the bare shaft. Make sure you catch the excess solvent in a sink or pan. 

To slide the grip onto the golf shaft, make sure they are aligned properly so it can slide on straight. Slowly add pressure and slide the grip over the shaft – the solvent makes this process straightforward and easy. Don’t apply too much pressure as you will end up stretching the grip down the shaft and it will become skinnier than it’s designed to be. Keep double-checking that the grip is aligned properly and looks how you want it to on the club.

Once the grip is slid all the way to the bottom of the grip tape and is aligned properly, let your clubs rest overnight or for 24 hours before using. The solvent should be dry in 3-4 hours but it’s always best to let them sit longer just in-case!

How do I maintain my grips to make them last longer?

The biggest problem that removes the ‘tackiness’ of your golf grips is the oils and sweat on your hands. The best thing you can do for your grips is to clean and maintain them every few rounds, as well as storing them in a dry environment. If your bag is soaking due to rain, you want to remove your clubs when you get home and dry the grips off. 


How to clean golf grips: 

To clean your golf grips add some dishwashing soap to lukewarm water. Using a soft brush or cloth, rub the grips down to remove any oil and excess dirt. Dry them with a towel, and lay them out to completely dry. 

I wrote a whole article on how to clean and polish your clubs.


How long do golf grips last?

Many golfers neglect the importance of changing their golf grips on a regular basis. Overtime the grips lose tackiness and this causes you to grip the club too hard which can impact your swing. Most people don’t realize this and blame the bad shots on something else. 


Once you change your grips you’ll realize exactly what you’ve been missing out on. 


Most tour players re-grip their clubs every 3 months! Yes, they do practice a lot more than the average player, but they understand the importance of a fresh set of grips. 


The general recommendation amongst golfers is that you should re-grip your clubs every 30 or 40 rounds, if you spend a lot of time on the practice ground and driving range. If you just play golf out on the course, then 50 or 60 rounds should be a good milestone to change your grips. 


I would also recommend changing your grips at the beginning of every season. There is nothing better than starting off the year with a fresh set of grips. Not only does it improve the way you play, but it also improves your overall confidence whilst stood over the ball. 


Refreshing your club grips is one of the cheapest ways to improve your equipment and golf game throughout the year. After all, for such a small amount of money in comparison to the other items you can buy in golf, you can be shooting lower scores, lowering your handicap and enjoying your time on the course more. 


Refreshing all of your golf grips is a great way to improve the overall performance of your game and help you start to shoot lower scores. Remember that for a regular golfer who practices and plays around 40 rounds a year, the golf grips will need changing every season as they will rapidly become worn. 

To recap, our best golf grip was the Golf Pride MCC plus 4 golf grip. The overall feel and responsiveness that you get with the grips is superior, when compared to similar grips on the market. There is a reason why they’re loved by many pro’s on the PGA Tour.

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