Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: 12 Great Shoes Reviewed

Are you looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet? If so, we have you covered. A round of golf can last up to 5 hours and for the majority of that time you are going to be on your feet and moving around – this makes it vital to wear the right footwear!

Now, if you are looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet, you don’t need me to tell you the problems of having inappropriate footwear. Instead, let me tell you about what shoes for wide feet will offer: 

  • Comfort and stability for the arch of your foot and your toes. 
  • Breathable fabric to remove moisture and prevent rubbing. 
  • Traction on the outsole of the shoe so you grip to the turf and have confident to make shots from a solid base. 
  • A stylish shoe from a top-end manufacturer. 

As someone who wears shoes for wide feet, I always assumed that I would need to compromise on the style and brand to get a comfortable shoe but how wrong I was! The best golf shoes for wide feet, in my opinion, are either FootJoy or New Balance. There are also wide feet options for Adidas, Callaway, Sketchers, Ecco and many, many more! 


Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: Quick Buy

Top pick – FootJoy Men’s FL Arc SI Golf Shoe – Quick buy on Amazon. 

Best value – New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe – Quick buy in Amazon

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: by brand

New Balance Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Quick view: these are ideal for golfers who are looking for a stylish pair of extra wide golf shoes. They are designed to offer the user maximum comfort and have bene constructed from premium fabrics. 

I find that rubber soles are not suitable if you consistently play in wet or hilly conditions – instead you should look for the golf shoes which come with spikes. 

Quick view: these are ideal for golfers who are looking for a stylish pair of extra wide golf shoes. I am a big fan of the champ slim-lok removable cleats as these offer more stability when playing in wet and hilly conditions. 

Not only are these golf shoes ideal for people with flat feet, they are also undeniably good value. 

If you do opt for these shoes make sure you treat them with waterproof spray, and look after them well as the fabric will decay quickly if you neglect them. 


FootJoy Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Quick view: These are perfect for golfers looking for golf shoes which come in wide and extra wide sizes. FootJoy are renowned for having the widest width golf shoes so you should have no problem with these shoes. 

Having owned a pair of these shoes, I can say from experience that the gel insoles take a little getting use too, but once you do you will reap the benefits of a really comfortable shoe. 

Quick view: These are a stylish pair of golf shoes, and I love the retro look. This shoe is perfect for those looking an extra wide fit, whilst the cleats will provide support and stability in wet and hilly conditions. 

I have always found FootJoy shoes super-comfortable so when I read that these were the ‘most comfortable every created’ I could only imagine that they are like walking on clouds. 

Quick view: These are perfect for golfers looking for golf shoes which come in wide and extra wide sizes. These shoes are stylish whilst having loads of functionality. 

My main concern with this design is that the molded rubber sole may not be suitable for wet and hilly conditions, whilst there have been reports of the shoe offering too much toe space for the athletic, comfortable fit (if you like extra toe space these could be ideal for you). 

Best Adidas Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Sketchers Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Puma Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Ecco Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet - Buyers' Guide

Things to consider when picking your best golf shoe for wide feet


The most important factor you need to consider when selecting your best golf shoes for wide feet is whether or not they are comfortable. Ultimately, you will be walking for 3 or 4 hours around the course and if you are not comfy – you will not be enjoying your round. 


It can be too easy to just ‘put-up’ with the wrong size shoe and to squeeze your foot into one which is too narrow but this is not sustainable in the long term. There is also a risk of injury if you continue wearing shoes which are too narrow for your foot.


A comfortable pair of golf shoes should be tight enough to keep your foot solid and secure, but not so tight as to prevent your toes from being able to move.


Insoles are a vital part of the golf shoes construction. This is the part which comes into direct contact with your foot and socks. 


Some manufacturers have built-in comfort technology which helps cushion the foot and provides arch support. I would always recommend buying a shoe where the insole can be removed and replaced. Insoles which can’t be removed can become ‘tired’ and uncomfortable over time. A lot of the time replacing an insole has the same effect as buying a new shoe.  


An outsole has lots of tread and grip to prevent your foot sliding in your golf shoe and creating friction which can cause blisters. Different outsoles are better suited to different terrains. Spikes will be better suited for wet and hilly conditions. This is because the spike will sink into the ground and offer you greater support and stability. Rubber cleats are great all-round golf outsoles. They are good to use in wet conditions and are suitable for warm summer days. The only issue I find with rubber cleats is that they will fall out of place over-time and will need to be replaced or re-fitted – you will be able to do this yourself by either screwing them back into position or using a cleat tightening tool. The final common type of outsole is the rubber platform. These look like lots of rubber spikes. Players like these because they have a natural trainer look and are extremely low maintenance. They are good for use on driving ranges and are perfect for good-to-firm conditions out on the course. They work by having the rubber spikes angled in different directions to increase traction. My only concern about this type of outsole is how it fairs in wet conditions. In my experience, the rubber traction can begin to slip and you lose that stable base when playing shots. 

Breathability & Waterproofing

Another important consideration is the breathability (i.e. ventilation) and waterproofing of your best golf boot for wide feet. 


Having well ventilated shoes is important because it will assist in removing sweat from the shoe which prevents a built up of moisture. Without this, you could end up with sores and blisters because of the friction and rubbing caused by having wet feet. 


Alongside good breathability, you want to make sure your shoe fabric is waterproof. This will prevent water on the course entering your shoe; making things very comfortable for your foot. 


Most boots will arrive waterproofed but you should continue to apply waterproof spray every 6-12 months to keep the fabric in tip-top shape. 

Velcro or Laces

This comes down to personal preference but for me it has to be laces. Over time velcro can lose its tackiness and when playing it wet conditions the velcro may struggle to fasten. Now, laces will eventually wear out but I have always found it easier to re-lace a pair of golf shoes than to mess about trying to re-press velcro. 


In my list of the best golf shoes for wide feet, two well known brands – FootJoy and New Balance – offer extra wide golf shoe sizes. 

The best brands for flat feet are Ecco, New Balance and FootJoy. These brands offer golf shoes which can be fitted for wide and extra wide feet. 

This is down to personal preference and what you deem as comfortable. My advice would be to ensure the insole can be removed (so you can buy a custom one which is suited to your needs). Another thing to check is what technology the shoe offers which could add to the comfort of the shoe. This could be a responsive midsole or cushioning technology. 

The Ecco golf shoe comes in European sizes. It also only has one width – but this will definitely suit people who need best golf shoes for wide feet.

The Ecco golf shoe may have a tight fit at the beginning but over time these will stretch and loosen to a comfortable fit for golfers with wide feet. 

Golf shoes should be tight enough for your foot to be secure but it should not be so tight as to cut off circulation or cause discomfort. 

You should be able to move your toes in your shoe and your foot should be able to move but only slightly. 

If you golf shoe is too tight, it will cause discomfort. If it is too loose, your foot will move and this could cause blisters and sores. 

Generally, buy you should buy socks two sizes larger than your shoe size to allow for shrinkage. But, remember socks that are too roomy will blister your feet. Unless you specifically wear a thick pair of socks you should not worry too much about the affect of socks on shoe size. 

If you do wear thick socks you should go half a shoe size bigger to account for this. 

Conclusion: best golf shoes for wide feet

Having the right pair of golf shoes is essential to your comfort and how enjoyable your round will be. The best golf shoes for wide feet will offer stability, traction and be stylish so you can have a worry-free round. 

My best golf shoes for wide feet are the FootJoy Men’s FL Arc SI. These come in a ‘wide’ and ‘extra-wide’ fit and have a cushioned midsole for advanced responsiveness and heel support.

The best value golf shoes for flat feet are the New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked golf shoe. Now, when I saw premium brand I assumed they would cost a fortune but these golf shoes come in at unbelievable value and with removable cleats they are suitable for year-round use.  


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