Best Golf Tees For Beginners In 2020: Review & How To Guide

What is a golf tee?

A golf tee is the small wooden or plastic ‘stick’ that you place in the ground to prop a ball up off the ground. They are only ever used on the tee box at the beginning of each hole – although, the use of golf tees is not mandatory (I prefer not to use one on par 3’s and on holes where I am hitting my fairway woods). 


The tee is driven into the ground by the golfer, to a height which is desirable to the club they are using, and a ball is placed on top. 


Why do you need the best golf tees for beginners?

As a beginner it’s tough to gain consistency in all areas of your game, especially off the tee. Whilst the majority of your performance comes down to your swing, many people neglect the importance of using a high quality golf tee and teeing the ball up properly. 

Having high quality golf tees which are used properly, ensures that you achieve a desired ball flight and trajectory every time, with little side spin to avoid a slice or a hook. 

Best golf tees for beginners - Top 4

The Zarma FLYTee My Hite is one of the most used tees on the tour. The black product lines allow for the same tee height every time (great for beginners).  The head of the tee also has a six prong head and a shallow cup design that reduces surface contact in order to promote additional distance and accuracy. 

3/4″  (83mm) High

25 Tees per pack



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Pride professional tees are commonly used amongst professional and amateur golfers alike. Similar to the Fly tees, the pride’s have a pronged cup shape to help reduce the friction between the ball and the tee at impact. Each model has color bands which help you tee the ball up at the same height every time.

Includes 40 x 2-3/4″ tees and 10 x 1-1/2″ tees.



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Another set of tees from Pride. This pack is more of a classic tee, which is produced from wood, and has the standard rounded cup to hold the ball. There isn’t anything particularly special about this golf tee aside form the fact it has a colored ring to help you maintain a consistent tee height. 

Orange = 1-1/2″Red = 2-1/8″Yellow = 2-3/4″Blue = 3-1/4″Green = 4″



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These tees are produced from 100% hardwood, so if you like a tee that is easy to press into firm ground, these are for you. They are fluorescent so you can easily retrieve them when they fly out the ground. This is a pack of 100 which makes them great value for money. 

2-3/4″ Tee height

Pack of 100



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best golf tees for beginners

How high should a tee be for a driver?

It’s vital that when you are teeing the ball up to be driven, you get the right height and you manage to achieve this height everytime – this will improve your consistency on the tee. 


You should be trying to hit the driver on the upstroke at the point the driver reaches the bottom of the swing arc. This will ensure that your ball trajectory is good and you are fully utilizing the loft of the club. 


If you tee the ball up too low, you risk hitting the ball with the lower edge of the drivers club face. This will cause you to ‘top’ the ball and send it tumbling down the fairway, hardly 50 yards from where you are standing (trust me, it’s happened a lot). 


The accepted tee height that professionals use for their drivers is to tee half of the ball above the crown of the head.

What is 'too high' for teeing up the ball?

It’s very common for beginner golfers to tee the ball up way too high – If it’s higher, tha ball will fly higher, right? Well, it’s not as straightforward as that. 


The higher you tee the ball, the higher you could hit the ball… If you could hit it. If the ball is teed too high, it’s common for the club head to completely pass underneath the ball, or the ball will hit the top leading edge of the club and send the ball straight up in the air, but going nowhere forward.

What is too low?

It’s possible to do the complete opposite and end up teeing the ball too low. Ironically teeing the ball low can cause it to fly too high in the air. This is because instinctively you end up hitting down on the ball which creates backspin, sending the ball higher in the air. 


Alternatively, you can ‘top’ the ball, hitting it poorly and sending the ball rolling across the ground.

Best tee height for woods and hybrids

Personally I like to stick to the well known, half a ball over the crown of the club. I like this set up for my driver, woods and hybrids. Although many people think this is too high for their woods and hybrids and place the ball slightly lower, with only a quarter or third of the ball above the club head. 


The height comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. If you are unsure, I would head down to the range and test out different variations for your various clubs.

Conclusion - Best golf tee for beginners

Choosing the best golf tee for beginners shouldn’t be a decision that holds you back from getting out on the course. After all, the things that will have the biggest impact on your game is your swing and more major equipment. A golf tee won’t be the deciding factor between whether you shoot 95 or 80. 

That being said, some tees do offer some added benefits, such as low friction, tee height measuring and durable constructions. 

To recap, our best golf tee for beginners was the Champ Zarma Fly Tee.

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