Best Golf Training Aid For Swing Plane: Top 5 Reviewed

Are you someone who is practising and playing a lot of golf without getting better? Or are a beginner who is having really inconsistent results when playing. If so, I am one of you. For six months, I could barely hit the ball. My swing was all over the place. So how did I go from not being able to hit the ball? To shooting rounds under-par. The answer is simple I used the best golf training aid for swing plane. 


You will read online about magical swing aids which will teach you to swing like Dustin Johnson. This just isn’t the case. For no better reason than golf cannot be mastered and only time, perseverance and commitment can make you a great golfer. There are no shortcuts, just a helping hand, and the best golf training aid for swing plane should be seen as just that – a helping hand, not a silver bullet. 

There are literally hundreds of swing aids on the market. These are not just marketed for beginners. Even, professional golfers use swing plane aids so this isn’t just a gimmick which is to be ignored. If you want to see a noticeable improvement in your game then these training aids are definitely going to help. 


So let’s jump in and have a look at some of the best golf training aid for swing plane.

All this talk of ‘swing plane’ can be confusing – especially if you are a beginner. So let me explain. 


Your swing plane will affect the flight and trajectory of the ball. There are two key elements of the swing plane. The backswing and the downswing. The key here is that if you drew a line from your shoulders to the ball at the address you should get to the same point at the end of your downswing as you started on your backswing. If it doesn’t do this, you are either too upright or too flat in your swing plane. 


Now, each golfer has a unique golf swing. Some will have a flat swing which will help them draw the ball whilst others will have an upright swing which has a better chance of hitting the ball straight when well times. No one way is right, but it must be consistent throughout your swing plane – and this is where most golfers go wrong. They often start flat and end up looping at the top of their swing (like drawing a figure eight) which causes them to ‘go over the top’ (too upright) which then leads to them slicing the ball.

Best golf training aid for swing plane: quick buy

Top Pick – Swingalign – quick buy now on Amazon. 

2nd Best – SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer – quick buy now on Amazon.  

Best golf training aid for swing plane: in detail



This is a simple yet effective piece of kit which is my pick for the best golf training aid for swing plane. Whether you are just starting out or are a low handicap golfer this aid has something to offer. What I love is that it is that the clever design allows you to develop different areas of your game (whether this be how you align to the ball or how well you control movement in the swing plane) with the same piece of kit.

This training aid is not cheap but with so much versatility it is a false economy not to consider this option (why buy 3 pieces of kit if you can buy just 1). This cost is further justified when you think that you only need to have one training aid which fits all of your clubs – including your putter. As someone who had to have three separate aids (driver, irons and putter) I cannot stress the importance of this ‘one-size-fits-all’ feature which makes this my pick for best golf training aid for swing plane.    



This golf swing training aid may not look much but its design is ingenious. The grip has hand placings to help you with your grip whilst the head encourages you to have a fairly flat swing plane where the down swing is started from your lower body. This will help you eliminate the dreaded slice from your game. 

This aid is multi-functional and can also be used for warming up before your round. This will help you lower your injury risk as well as helping you start fast in your round (if you are anything like me it takes you 3 holes to get warm – this will cut that out). 

This training aid is not the best option for beginners. Instead it should be used by people who already have a basic grasp of the golf swing and are looking to take it to the next level. You will develop a better swing speed and swing plane using this tool. 

If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to spend hours practicing down the driving range – this is for you! 15-20 swings each evening from the comfort of your home will help you see drastic improvements to your game. 



My two main areas to improve as a golfer are my ball striking (i.e. hitting the ball before the ground) and my swing plane (i.e. stopping my slice). If only I had used this training aid earlier. If you suffer from similar swing deficiencies then this could be the aid for you. 

The aid develops your ball striking by using a polycarbonate base that tells you instantly if you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat. It helps your swing plane because you will hit the foam pads if your swing plane is not consistent on the back and down swing. 

The only downside to this training aid is that you cannot use it without being on the range or owning a net. You need to play full shots are game speed in order to get the most out of this device. Overall, this is one of the best golf training aid for swing plane development. 




This product is ideal for beginners and professionals alike who are looking to improve their swing posture and strengthen their back muscles. If you struggle with keeping your shoulders aligned properly this product could really help with that aspect of your swing. Some immediate benefits you get is feedback on what proper posture feels like in your swing plane.

The GravityFit comes in two resistance ratings – low and mid. The low rating will work on skills training and movement pattern work making it ideal for beginners. Whereas, the mid rating resistance will work on core strength and stability. 



This product is designed exclusively for beginners who are looking to understand and develop their swing plane technique. The elbow straps are definitely the most effective and are comfortable to fit and use. The beauty of this product is that it will teach you good habits and fix bad ones even if you do not have a consistent swing plane yet (hence why it is good for beginners). 

My own experience using training aids for golf

The internet is full of ‘fake experts’ who are trying there best to spend your hard earned money on products they’ve never tested or used. To show you first hand, how effective the best golf training aid for swing plane can be – check out my before and after videos below to see how the shape, fluency and tempo of my swing change in less than 6 months from using these swing plane training aids. 

Before using the training aid:

After using the best golf training aid for swing plane:

Conclusion: best golf training aid for swing plane

One of the most common issues people find in golf is that they have an inconsistent or incorrect swing plane. This issue is incredibly frustrating and can cost you shots on the course and lower your enjoyment levels whilst playing. 

Before you start blaming your clubs, or giving up on this great game you should try using a best golf training aid for swing plane. The above videos show the huge difference this made to my swing in a short period of time – and it could do the same for you. 

My pick for the best golf training aid for swing plane is the Swingalign. This item offers versatility and multi-purpose functionality meaning you can use it with any club in your bag to help improve your alignment, rotation, connection and swing plane. This kit is simple yet effective and will fit perfectly in your bag. 

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