Best Golf Travel Bag Under $100: Our Top Picks Reviewed [2020]

Are you planning a golf trip? Or find yourself constantly worrying about the state of your clubs when they are in transit? If so, this article is for you. The best golf travel bag under $100 will protect your clubs when storing or transporting them. It seems odd that so many of us spend so much money on clubs, balls and other accessories but don’t have a travel bag to keep them safe. 

I can remember the last time I travelled to abroad for a round of golf. Watching my clubs getting ‘chucked’ unceremoniously on a plane by airport staff who didn’t appreciate the value of my gear really did make my stomach turn. To no-ones surprise, I ended up with a snapped wedge and a broken 8-iron.

Now, I thought I had taken the necessary precautions. I had wrapped up my clubs, put socks over my irons and had padded the top of my bag. However, this didn’t do anything to protect from the heavy trauma inflicted during the flight. 

That day I learnt my lesson, a costly lesson, and now I always use a golf travel bag when transporting my clubs. To ensure that you do not suffer the same fate you should read on to find the best golf travel bag under $100 for you. 

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Our best golf travel bag under $100 is the OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club – Click here to buy now on Amazon. 

Best golf travel bag under $100: in detail

This is my pick for the best golf travel bag under $100. The fabric includes a thickened cushion layer and 900D oxford wear resistance and waterproof material offering extra protection for golf clubs during transportation. Furthermore, the bag folds down for easy storage when not in use and the bag comes with wheels and a shoulder strap. overall, this is a great golf travel bag and it would be a steal at twice the price. 

when looking for the best golf travel bag under $100 you will struggle to find one which is better value than the Amazon Basics option. It offers you all the features you need whilst keeping your clubs protected. A common issue users report is that the fabric can scuff after multiple uses but so long that this it doesn’t rip your clubs will remain well protected. 

This is a ideal soft-shell golf travel bag for those who are wanting to add a layer of protection to their clubs. The padded top and internal ties will prevent movement and protect from heavy trauma which could damage clubs when in transit. I also like the fact this bag comes with three storage pockets for your accessories. Finally, this golf travel bag will stand up unaided which is a handy feature for when you are not on the move. 


Best golf travel bag under $100 - buyers' guide


If you are needing a golf bag for weekend rounds, or the occasional trip away you can probably get away with a soft casing. If you are going to be handling the luggage yourself (with added care) then a soft case will definitely be fine. 


If you are travelling by air or need a heavy-duty case, you need to be investing in a hard-case golf travel bag. It is a gut-wrenching feeling watching an airport employee ‘chuck’ your golf bag with no love or care onto a carousel. I know this first hand. I was travelling to mainland Europe to play in a golf tournament when I looked out of the window and saw my clubs being hurled onto the aircraft. By the time the plane landed, I had a snapped 56-degree wedge and no 8-iron. This is not to mention all the scratches and scuffs on my other clubs. If only I had invested more in a golf bag I would have saved a fortune on new clubs.


Golf is already an expensive game without needing to buy new gear each year. You want to be picking a durable travel bag which you can use year after year. If you are buying a soft case you need to ensure that the material is strong and won’t rip, as well as having double tapered seams so that they don’t spit during heavy use. 


A hard-shell case, by its very nature, will be longer lasting than a soft case. What you do need to look out for is clips which may break or snap easily. In effect, this would make the case useless. 


In terms of material For soft covers, make sure the material used is durable nylon or polyester. When looking at hard-shell cases, see if the plastic is EVA impact-rated so that it can withstand the beating of air travel.

Space & Storage

There is no point buying a travel case if it does not have enough storage space for all your gear. Many golfers only think about their clubs but remember you will need extra space for golf shoes, golf clothes (or a spare change of clothes for the clubhouse), balls, other accessories and anything else you will need for your round. When travelling abroad, no one wants to pay for extra luggage. It is just another (unnecessary) cost. My top tip is to buy a golf travel bag which has enough space for all your holiday essentials. This will allow you to save money on luggage whilst protecting all of your golf gear. 


It is also important to remember that extra room in a golf travel bag allows you to also complement the protection of your cover or case by packing it with extra clothes, especially around the area where the clubheads rest.


This is a really important consideration when buying your best golf travel bag under $100. Hard-shell cases are heavier than soft shell cases. This is why they offer extra protection. A potential issue may be restrictions on the weight of cargo on planes – this could increase your cost of travel, or even worse, the airline may refuse to fly your goods. If you have a specific trip in mind for your best golf travel bag under $100 make sure you check the maximum weight of cargo luggage before buying your golf travel bag. Just make sure you remember to add on the weight of your clubs and other equipment/clothes. 


With any new purchase, you want to ensure you are making a good, top-quality purchase. But even the best-laid plans can unravel. Your soft-shell case could have a small hole or rip, and your hard-shell case may scuff after its first use. Unfortunately, these things happen. But, just because it happens doesn’t mean you should accept it. Making sure you have a warranty gives you the flexibility to return faulty items if you have not had fair wear and usage out of it. I would strongly recommend ensuring your best golf travel bag under $100 has a fixed-period warranty. That way you can buy your travel bag with confidence. 

How to protect your clubs when travelling: our top 5 travel tips

1- Clearly label your golf bag

This is important whether you are travelling by bus, train or aeroplane. The absolute worst-case scenario when travelling with golf gear is it getting lost in transit. If you attach labels you can ensure that you pick up the right one at your destination and, if the worse does happen, gives the transit company information to locate your gear. Make sure you include your name, phone number, hotel/resident name & contact number as well as any other information you deem necessary. 

2- Cover your irons

When using your case you should still wrap your iron clubheads in a towel or place individual socks over them. This will not prevent damage from heavy trauma but it will stop scratches from appearing on the clubface. This is absolutely essential for your iron and wedges.

3- Use a Stiff Arm

A Stiff Arm will protect your clubs if the bag is dropped headfirst. Now, you can buy a dedicated Stiff Arm but if you are looking to save money you can use a broom handle as ling as it extends past your longest club or shaft.

4- Take the head of all adjustable clubs

This one is simple. Just remove driver or fairway wood heads before packing them in your travel case. Just make sure you take a picture or video of how you disassembled them so you know how to put them back together when you reach your destination. 

5- Choose a golf bag without legs

I love walking bags. I use a walking bag. But, I know first hand how flimsy and easy to break the legs can be. For this reason, if you can use a cart bag for your trip which doesn’t have legs I would strongly recommend using it when travelling.

For more travel tips you can read this great article from Golfers Digest.  

Conclusion: best golf travel bag under $100

The best golf travel bag under $100 is the OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel Bag. This bag is made from all the right stuff. The fabric is built to withstand rough treatment and the waterproof material is an added bonus. 

It is vital you protect your golf clubs when you travel. Make sure you pick up your travel bag today. 

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