Best Junior Golf Clubs: Beginner Friendly Review & Guide

Whether you are 5, or 85 years old; golf is a game which is played by all peoples of all ages. We all have a cherished story about the first set of clubs we called our own. If you have landed on this page, I suspect you are in the process of gifting the first set of clubs to a youngster you know. You may be a keen golfer yourself, or someone who has never played the game but is shopping for the ideal birthday/Christmas gift. Either way, we will talk you through everything you need to know when looking for the best junior golf clubs. 

When buying the best junior golf clubs you need to weight up a few considerations. Click on the arrow to find out more about what features you should consider.

A club set which is too heavy will make it really difficult for a junior to swing the club. This will lead to mistimed shots and huge inconsistency which will affect the confidence of even the most enthusiastic junior golfer. If in doubt, lightweight is always better than heavier golf clubs. 

The length of the club should be dictated by the height of the junior golfer. As a general rule, I would suggest:  Ages 3-5: 3’0″ – 3’8″ Ages 6-8: 3’8″ – 4’4″ Ages 9-12: 4’4″ – 5’1″. Each manufacturer will have slightly different clubs lengths so make sure you check this before making your purchase. If you want some further information on club size you can find it here

Considering young golfers have smaller hands than adults, you will need to ensure that the grip is small enough to wrap their hands around it. Now, most manufacturers design their clubs with this in mind so don’t worry about this too much. If the grips are no good, you can always replace them at a later date.

Junior golfers will, generally, have a slow swing speed and as a result, they will not hit the ball as far. This is natural for those just starting out in the game. The best junior golf clubs are made from titanium, graphite or aluminum. Those made from aluminium will be heavier but will be ideal for young golfers. The key thing to ensure is that the set you buy has a flexible shaft which will help the youngster hit the ball further (trust me, they all want to hit it further so this is a great feature).

Kids grow! Quickly! If you have ever bought a school uniform or a nice outfit for your children you soon realise that in 6 months they will have outgrown them. Fortunately, the best junior golf clubs are designed to last a couple of years (unless they have a huge growth spurt) so you should get your monies worth. That being said, we all love a bargain so check out our ‘best budget’ option for a great set of clubs at an unbelievable value.

Quick Buy: Best Junior Golf Clubs

The best junior golf clubs, top pick – TaylorMade Rory Junior Golf Set – click here to quick buy on Amazon

The best junior golf clubs, best value – Wilson Golf Profile JGI – click here to quick buy on Amazon

In detail: Best Junior Golf Clubs


You can purchase a 6 or 8 piece set. Clubs included are: driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 2 irons, wedge and a putter. 




This is a premium junior golf set which has been designed to support and nurture a youngsters interest in the game. The clubs are designed with game improvement technology which helps juniors hit longer and with most consistency. 

We all know juniors want to replicate what they see their idols do on TV, that makes these clubs really sought-after because they were designed and promoted by Rory McIlroy. My only problem with these clubs are the price-tag which is on the high end (although the quality is really good so you are paying for the best). 

This set comes in a variety of sizes and you can get them in boys and girls versions. 

Overall, an excellent pick for the best junior golf clubs. 


Included in the set are a driver, hybrid, irons (x3) and a putter. These clubs are accompanied by matching covers for the driver and hybrid as well as a stylish lightweight Wilson branded stand bag.




The first set of clubs I owned were Wilsons so naturally I was always going to love these. But it is not just nostalgia, these clubs are seriously good for a junior who is just getting into golf. 

This set has been engineered using the same Super Game Improvement technology that has made the adults sets so popular and easy-to-hit. This means your youngster can hit the ball further and with better height than they would otherwise do. 

Another feature I like is that the bag has plenty of storage pockets and is fully adjustable so it is easy to carry. 

The bottom line is that this is an exceptionally well-designed golf set which is why one of the ‘best junior golf clubs’ on the market. 


6-piece set suits juniors age 7-9 or 44″-53″ tall. Includes: Driver (18°), Hybrid (28°), 7 & 9 Iron, Wedge (56°), Putter plus Stand bag.





These clubs are designed with game improvement technology which helps juniors hit longer and with most consistency. Furthermore, you can by the set in a variety of sizes (3 club, 6 club and 7 club) which is ideal if you are looking for the best junior golf clubs for an under 5 year old. 

The carry bag is lightweight and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the youngster who is carrying it. 

Cleveland don’t specify what material or flex the shafts are which is frustrating but the reviews of those who have used these clubs are overwhelming positive; especially for young children. 



Clubs included are a driver, hybrid, 7-iron, pitching wedge, putter, stand bag and rain cover. 





These are a great starter set at unbelievably good value. The clubs easy to use and will allow junior players to hit the ball consistently shot after shot. 

Whilst this set does not include as many clubs as some of the others in this list of junior clubs, the design and construction is ideal for young players just starting out in golf. The graphite shafts will increase distance and account for slower swing speeds whilst the large club face. 

If you are not fussed about the name of the brand on the side of the bag then I would thoroughly recommend these as one of the best junior golf clubs on the market.  


Set includes: Driver, 25* Hybrid, 6/7 Iron, Putter, Deluxe Stand bag, 2 matching head covers and Rainhood Included.





This set is ideal for 5-8 year old golfers. The clubs have added loft and are designed to help players hit the ball in the air. 

With only 4 clubs this set is ultra-lightweight, and with a clever golf bag design (it wears exactly the same as a backpack) your youngster will have no issues carrying this on the course. 

If you like golf and want to teach your kid, or just give your kid and the golfing parent a fun time together, this is a fantastic choice.

Best Junior Golf Clubs: Buyers' Guide

What are the key features of Junior Golf Clubs


Junior golfers are just learning the game and as such they will, inevitably, hit bad or mistimed shots. Therefore, the best junior golf clubs will account for this and will have built-in technology which will make it easier for youngsters to hit the ball on a consistent basis. Manufactures do this by making a large club face, with a large sweet spot. This means that if a player connects with the ball with any part of the club face (not necessarily the centre of the club) it will still go some distance and will be fairly accurate. 

Another way manufacturers improve the forgiveness of their clubs is by increasing the size of the cavity in the club head (the cavity is the back part of the club head). The bigger this is, the more forgiving a club tends to be (this should be taken as a general rule). 

Distance assistance

Junior golfers will not swing the club as fast as senior or teenage players. This will have an effect on how far the ball travels when they play a shot. 

Now, manufactures can’t make a 8 year old hit the ball 300 yards, but they can build in technology which makes it easier for them to hit the ball a good distance. And, let’s be honest, which kid doesn’t want to hit the ball far. 


To do this, they use a flexible shaft made from graphite or aluminum. This shaft will have create a ‘whipping’ effect as the club is in the downswing. This force, or momentum will help junior golfers hit longer distances whilst they are starting out. 



Let’s be honest, kids are not always the best at looking after their stuff, and given the cost of golfing equipment you don’t want to be shelling out every six months on new clubs. 

To help make their clubs durable, manufactures will provide you with head covers for drivers and fairway woods, as well as constructing the clubs out of strong materials.  Many people worry that junior club really means ‘cheap’ clubs but this is not the case with the 5 best junior golf clubs I have reviewed. Each of these sets will be long-lasting and should only need to be replaced when the junior golfer has outgrown their clubs. 

What equipment does a junior golfer need?

Golf can be an expensive sport, especially if you have a junior golfer who is just getting into the game. To minimise cost as much as possible, you can buy a ‘best junior golf clubs’ set which we have reviewed in this article. One of these sets will give a young golfer the majority of kit they need. However, there are some other items which they will also need: 





How should junior golfers look after their clubs

Below are some top tips for how a junior golfer can keep their clubs in great shape!

Conclusion: best junior golf clubs

Whether you are a parent or carer looking to teach their kid the great game of golf, or a friend or relative looking for the perfect gift – the best junior golf clubs will be the perfect item to give an aspiring golfer. 

These clubs will offer players great functionality which will allow to develop both their skills and the love of the game. 

My pick for the best junior golf clubs is the TaylorMade Rory Junior Golf set. This set has amazing brand recognition which ensures you are getting a great set of clubs. The Rory Junior set is designed to be long, forgiving and easy to hit which is ideal for juniors who are just starting off on their golfing journey. 

The best value junior golf set is the Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set. I love this set and, having started off on my own golfing journey with a set of Wilson, can attest for their quality. This set is ideal for boys and girls who are looking for their first set of clubs. The bag comes in a variety of colors whilst the super game improvement technology found in the clubs is of the same high construction value as the adult equivalents made by Wilson. 

Whichever set you choose, it is amazing that you have a junior golfer on your hands. Encourage them and let them fall in love with a sport which will sustain them for a lifetime. 

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