Best Rain Gear For Golf In 2020 – Stay Dry On the Course

Best Rain Gear For Golf

Whilst I would refer to myself and most people as ‘fair-weather’ golfers. Meaning we only like to play when the sun is shining and the grass is dry and crisp. But, funnily enough, as I was sifting through my most recent scorecards, I always seem to shoot lower scores when the ink has run down the card from being soaked in rain. 

Now, my typical ball flight is very high and my drives never seem to run as far as the average golfer with a lower ball trajectory. I’ve decided my success in the rain boils down to being able to beat most people off the tee with my carry distance, and being able to stop the ball dead on the softer (wet) greens after launching it high in the sky. 

It was only last month I was playing a local lynx course right on the beach. The wind speed was high 20mph’s, and it was probably one of the worst days of rain this year.

It was so bad that the 4 groups who were booked to play after me, never even showed up! 

best rain gear for golf

I managed to shoot 76 (6 over-par), which giving the conditions, was easily one of the best rounds i’ve played this season so far. 

Now playing in bad weather doesn’t just take a little extra finesse or luck, you have to be equipped to deal with the conditions, so you don’t end up soaked through. Having the best rain gear for golf will ensure that you stay warm and dry through all 18 holes.

Product Reviews - Best Golfing Rain Gear

Best Rain Jacket For Golf (I currently use this):

Under Armour have been making fantastic golf clothing for many years now. They have been my ‘go to’ option for my all weather gear for the last 5 years. I believe they offer the best protection from the elements whilst still remaining fairly priced, especially when compared to the likes of Calvin Green golf clothing etc. 

This golf rain jacket is 100% waterproof and windproof which makes it great for playing in wet and stormy conditions. I live in a town with a beach on all 3 sides. Almost every golf course near me has wind and rain howling in your face from the shoreline and i’ve never once doubted this jacket from Under Armour. There only negative I have is that because the zipper is long (not a pull over your head jacket), it sometimes bulges when i’m bent over hitting my wedges or lower irons. But it’s really not a serious issue.  

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Best Rain Gear For Golf (Full Rain Suit) :

This full rain suit from SWISSWELL is a great choice for anybody looking for full body protection. It is designed with golf specifically in mind so it maintains the full range of motion you need to be able to swing the club freely. However it can also be used for the majority of other outdoor activities, for example, hiking and camping. 

Some golf rain gear sets don’t include a hood as many golfers like to wear a hat or carry an umbrella. However if you can see yourself using a hood, even if its just for walking between holes, then this rain suit will be great for you. 

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FootJoy have been producing high quality golfing garments for as long as I can remember. They are most famous for their golfing shoes – my first ever pair as a junior golfer was an all black pair of classic FootJoys. However they are also well known now for producing all-weather clothing. 

They are one of the most used clothing brands on the PGA tour and for good reason. Because they are a dedicated golfing brand, FootJoy understands that golfers need full range of motion and flexibility in their clothing to perform at a high level. This jacket features FootJoys four way stretch fabric which allows you to maintain comfort and full range of motion, even during a full swing. 

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Best Rain Pants For Golf:

Golfing in the rain can be bad enough at times, but once your pants are soaked through, the rain is starting to drip into your shoes and you are becoming miserable, the last thing you want to do is focus on your golf game. We all know this scenarios all too well. These storm pants can help you completely avoid that. 

Not only are they really thin and lightweight which allows them to easily roll up and tuck inside your golf bag. But they are also completely waterproof and windproof so you’ll always remain dry and warm. 

Under Armour have produced these pants specifically to be worn whilst playing golf, so you can be sure that they won’t restrict your movement and you’ll be able to maintain your full range of motion. 

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How To Choose The Best Rain Gear For Golf

The first consideration you should make before buying the best rain gear for golf is whether you need a full rain suit (trousers & jacket). For most people who live in really wet locations and want to frequently play in bad conditions, a full suit will be required. 

For other people, if the conditions are so bad you would need a full suit, they likely wouldn’t head out for a round at all. For this type of player, just a waterproof jacket to protect from the occasional rain would be adaquate. 

Next, it is important that you fully understand the terminology that is often used when describing golfing rain gear:

  • Waterproof: The term waterproof should only be used to describe jackets and pants that are going to keep you and all of your base layers completely dry and sheltered from the rain no matter the circumstances. 
  • Rainproof: Rainproof jackets should fully protect you from the occasional downpour and light drizzle. They’re not waterproof and will make your base layers damp if you are in the rain for long periods of time. 
  • Windproof: Although windproof jackets are often waterproof, the term windproof doesn’t have anything to do with how well it protects you from the rain. It is referring to how well the jacket or pants can protect you from the wind. 

Once you have decided whether you need a full rain suit or just a jacket you can move on and start looking at the next key features.


Rain gear for golf comes in a range of materials that you can choose from, some more expensive than others. But there is usually a reason why. 

Cheaper jackets and pants are often made from synthetic materials like nylon and then later coated to make them fully waterproof. Whilst this is a great budget option, it often doesn’t come with the manoeuvrability and comfort that you wan’t whilst playing golf. More expensive waterproofs are typically made from a material called Gore-Tex. Gore tex is material which is durable, waterproof, windproof and offers a great range of motion. Whilst it is more expensive, it is usually worth the money. 


Comfort is a much bigger factor than some might initially consider. Golf is a game that is often played better when you are in a good ‘flow’ and you are playing with a consistent rhythm. If you are constantly pulling at your jacket, twisting it around your body or just forever messing with the size of it, you’ll never be able to concentrate on getting that little white ball in the hole! 

You’re more likely to play better at golf, the less you are worrying about anything else. And after all, you wan’t to be comfy doing anything. 

For myself, the comfort is absolutely key, it could be made from the highest quality material, keep out all rain and look great but if it’s not comfy, it’s not going in my bag.

Range of Motion

The great thing about buying dedicated golf rain gear as opposed to any off the shelf waterproof jacket and pants is that the manufacturers take into account the fact that you’re playing golf! 

You don’t want your rain gear to feel overly tight and restrictive when you are performing a full swing. Ideally it will stretch and move with your body allowing you to maintain that full range of motion. 

I would always recommend a few practice swings when you are in the shop looking at your rain gear. Or if you are buying online, make sure to read some customer reviews. 

How to store your golf rain gear

Ideally you want your golf rain gear on hand whenever you need it the most – when it rains on the course. But you don’t want to be carrying around your rain gear if it’s a bright sunny day. Therefore I would always recommend double checking the weather forecast before you head out on your round of golf. 

To ensure you are always safe from rain, you’re likely to store your gear in your bag. Try to fold it neatly and not crumple your jacket or pants up into a ball, firstly because it’s more likely to get damaged and secondly because when you do come to use it, it will be all creased. 

Only ever store your rain gear in your bag if the bag and the rain gear is dry. A wet set of rain gear and a warm enclosed bag is the fastest way to have both your bag and your clothing covered in mold. If your clothing is wet, take it home and hang it up to dry before either placing it back in your bag or somewhere you won’t forget it next time you head out for a round of golf.  

Best Rain Gear For Golf - Conclusion

We all know the scenario too well… you have just reached the green furthest away from the car park or club house and suddenly the heavens open and the downpour begins. Without your rain gear you’d be soaked through in a minute and completely ruin your round. 

But you’re clever and remembered to pack your rain suit or jacket and quickly slip your rain gear on just in time. You can carry on with your round uninterrupted and hopefully shoot an awesome score. 

Choosing the best rain gear for golf shouldn’t be a difficult task. Check out the buyers guide above for some help, and try to remember that premium materials are often worth the additional cost and that range of motion is a key factor in ensuring that your swing isn’t interrupted. 

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