Bozily Golf Rangefinder: Our Product Review & Testing

Being the ultimate game of precision and skills; we all need to find that edge to help us lower our scores out on the golf course. I did an experiment where I played 10 rounds with the Bozily golf rangefinder and 10 rounds without. The difference in the score was an average of 2.4 shots better with the rangefinder. 


When you think about it this makes complete sense. We all have times in the round when we are guessing our distance from the hole. Getting this wrong is the difference between chasing birdies or struggling to make par.


Before using the Bozily golf rangefinder I had always used a GPS watch or an app on my phone thinking this would give me the same ‘accurate’ results – I could not have been more wrong. 


Unlike the GPS options, the Bozily golf rangefinder takes into account slope and land fluctuations and with 6x magnification, it is accurate with a margin of error of +/- 1 yard. With this level of accuracy, I saw a huge difference and found myself pin high more consistently (if only I could fix my slice I would be dangerous). 


If you are a beginner or hit the ball inconsistently (e.g. you still aren’t hitting your club’s similar yardages every time) then a golfing range finder isn’t for you at this moment in time. Instead, you should focus on becoming more consistent. 


To really get the most out of the Bozily golf rangefinder you need to have an idea of how far each shot will get you.

Features to look for in a rangefinder

When rangefinders first came on the scene there was always a concern that some were not that accurate. However, if you are buying a rangefinder in manufactured in the last few years it is highly likely you will be getting a device which is accurate to +/- 1 yard. 

Given that accuracy is a given these days, the ease of use of your rangefinder is probably the most important consideration you’ll make. There are a few things you should be aware of when considering the ease of use of your rangefinder. Firstly, the magnification level of your rangefinder will correlate to ease of use because you will have no problem pinpointing your target. I would recommend a magnification level of at least 6X. Secondly, you need to ensure that you can easily grip the rangefinder – which should be big enough for two hands to fit around, but not so big that you have trouble storing it in your bag. Finally, for ease of use, you should also check if the rangefinder has any built-in vibration or pin seeking technology. This technology does two things – it will separate foreground objects from background objects to make sure you only get a reading for the flag (not the trees behind) and it will also vibrate when it has locked on to the flag so you are comfortable and confident of the reading you have been given. 

We all wish golf was only played during hot July days, but the reality is that we all get caught up in the rain sometimes. You need to make sure your rangefinder has a waterproof case (not just water repellent) and that the console itself is at least eater resistant. Without this crucial feature, you will not be able to use your new device when you need it most. 

Whenever you are buying new tech, there is always a chance it breaks or is faulty on delivery – this is one of those annoying life truths. Make sure your rangefinder comes with a warranty so that if you are unlucky in receiving a dud-piece of kit you can easily return it to the manufacturer. I will never buy items off the internet without this assurance so make sure you definitely look for this. 


If the rangefinder you like doesn’t have at least 1 years warranty (ideally you want 2), I would seriously consider moving onto looking at a different model.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder: quick look

Bozily Golf Rangefinder: key features

The Bozily golf rangefinder has a whole bunch of features that make it a great choice for any golfer, let’s go over them. 

+/- 1 Yard Accuracy, Up to 250 Yard Measurement

The whole point of a rangefinder is to give you accurate yardage from the hole. The Bozily golf rangefinder does this within the margin of error of +/- 1 yard up to a distance of 250 yards from the pin. Now, some other models are accurate up to 500/600 yards but this should be fine for the vast majority of golfers (unless you hit a club over 250 yards this is will be no impediment to your game whatsoever).  It can even measure the distance to flags, trees, hazards and other objects. 

Magnification and diopter functionality

The Bozily golf rangefinder has a 6X magnifying lens offering great ease of use and comes with diopter adjustment functionality to provide a clear view. Whether you’re near or farsighted, you’ll be able to see the object you’re measuring clearly and find its distance using our fast-measuring technology.

Modes of use

The Bozily golf rangefinder comes with two different modes: one for tournament use and the other for practice rounds. The practice round mode comes with slope readings to give you an even more accurate read of distance to the flag by taking into account the contours of the land – just make sure you don’t use this in a tournament as it is not legal to use. The tournament mode comes with continuous scan mode which is where you zoom in and the viewfinder locks onto different items giving you an accurate reading of objects such as trees, hazards and bunkers – I found this extremely useful when plotting my way around a course. 

Rainproof Body

You don’t need to worry about pulling the rangefinder out of your bag in bad weather. The Bozily golf rangefinder has a fully rainproof body so you can use it year-round in all seasons. 

Lightweight, Portable, Rainproof and Fully Equipped Rangefinder

The Bozily golf rangefinder is lightweight at 0.39lbs, comes with a portable case and has dimensions 107*42*74mm. The rangefinder also comes fully equipped with 1x rangefinder, 1x carrying case, 1x USB cable, 1x Carabiner, 1x lanyard, 1x cleaning cloth and 1x manual. 

**The Bozily golf rangefinder is a great product. Don’t just take my word for it. Click here to read more user reviews**

Alternative rangefinder options

The golfbuddy rangefinder is simple to use and offers distance readings from 5 to 880 yards – Accurate within one yard! There are three different user-modes: Standard, Scan and Pin finder with vibration. Like the Bozily, this rangefinder comes with a slope reader which can be turned on and off depending on whether you are playing in a competition. The golfbuddy rangefinder is ideal for those who are comfortable with a more advanced model of rangefinder which offers greater flexibility and functionality. 

  • Slope feature provides slope-adjusted distances for elevation
  • Pin finder with vibration so you can measure with confidence
  • Accurate measurements up to 880 yards from the flag

Raythor Golf Rangefinder

The Raythor golf rangefinder uses advanced target acquisition technology to provide distance readings within the margin error of 0.1 yards. It comes with all the modes and features you expect from a top-quality rangefinder such as target acquisition and vibration technology as well as slope mode which can be turned off for tournament use.


  • Slope feature which provides details on the elevation
  • Accurate pin yardage readings with vibration when a reading has been taken
  • Will lock to the flag up to 250 yards away and can measure any distance from 5 to 1000 yards away.

You can read our full review here. 

Conclusion: Bozily Golf Rangefinder

There is nothing more frustrating on a golf course than hitting the ball a club short, or a club long. This is something which costs shots and can leave you struggling to get round in par. I experimented with the Bozily golf rangefinder and found it took 2.4 shots, on average, off my score for rounds when it is in use. In a sport of marginal gains, this is a gigantic leap in terms of improved score. 


The Bozily is clever but it isn’t faultless. As I have pointed out, it is not the most beginner-friendly model on the market and you will have to mess around with the eye-slot from time to time but for the cost, it is a great value piece of kit. 


One of my favourite features on the Bozily golf rangefinder is how you can adjust the mode to suit the situation you are in. The continuous scan mode is great for tournament use whilst the slope elevation mode will really help you with course management and approach shot accuracy. 

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