What Is The Best Cheap Golf Rangefinder: Reviews & Buyers Guide

best cheap golf rangefinder

Many golfers believe that to purchase high end tech to improve their golf game they have to break the bank. But they would be surprised to discover that there are lots of options on the market that can be bought at a very affordable price. You may be wondering, what is the best cheap golf rangefinder? We’ll cover exactly that in this article.


Rangefinders have been a fairly recent discovery in the game of golf. If you are looking for that edge over your mates, competitors and even just wanting to lower your handicap, a golf rangefinder could be the next tool in your golf bag that takes you to the next level. 


Whilst there are some rangefinders on the market which come in at a higher price point, you are able to find a best budget golf rangefinder which has similar, if not the same features.

Best cheap golf rangefinder: Quick View

In-depth Product Reviews:



The Raythor golf rangefinder uses target acquisition to provide distance readings within the margin error +/- 0.1 yards. You’ll never have to second-guess a distance to the flag. Raython is a popular choice amongst many golfers and have so much faith in their product that they offer a ‘love it or money back’ service for this rangefinder.

The Raythor golf rangefinder has three different modes MODE 1 provides the actual distance measurement and supports continuous scan. MODE 2 measures distance, slope adjustment angle, target angle, pin/flag-lock and vibration function. MODE 3 is the speed mode, which gives us the instantaneous speed of moving objects. 

With 6x magnification you are sure to easily lock onto any target, whether it be the flag, hazards and objects. There is also a vibration when the target is locked and measured so you know when to take note of the yardage.

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The vpro500 laser golf rangefinder measures a distance of up to 540 yards within +/- 1 yard accuracy. It can even measure the distance to flags, trees, hazards and other objects. The vpro500 golf rangefinder has a fully rainproof body so you can use it year round in all seasons. 

The VPRO500 uses the latest rangefinder technology to make it as accurate and fast measuring as the other premium models on the market. It has 6x magnification, so you can lock onto the pin at long distances.

Pinseeker mode allows you to measure overlapping targets easily, for example the pin with woodland in the background. First target priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject. Continuous scan mode scans the objects in view and give you multiple yardages for things within your viewfinder.

The VPRO500 is extremely lightweight weighing at 0.41 lbs and measures 4.1 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch making it very portable and easy to slot into your golf bag. 

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This golf rangefinder from Wosports is the cheapest option on our list, but it still has lot’s of great features, Hundreds of positive customer reviews show you that price does not necessarily reflect quality.  

There is a very impressive 18-month warranty which covers damages, so you don’t have to worry about this rangefinder breaking a few weeks after purchase as Wosports would be happy to replace it. 

With two modes; range and scanning, you can accurately pinpoint individual targets as well as scan for multiple a the same time. The only downside here, is that other models on our list have 3 modes, which includes a slope scanning mode. 

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The Bozily is one of the best cheap golf rangefinders on the market. It has a great accurate distance measurement of up to 1000 yards within +/-1 yard, and boasting a very accurate measurements within 200 yards. 

There is fast focus on the target,  some customers report that this a very good feature of the rangefinder. You can easily find and lock onto the target with the impressive 6x magnification. 

The body has been built to be waterproof and fog resistant, so you can use it all year round in any weather condition. 

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Best cheap golf rangefinder: Key features to look out for


If you are purchasing a rangefinder that was developed in the last few years, chances are it’s highly accurate, most models have at least an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Most models have technology which can tell the difference between the flag and the foreground making it much easier to accurately lock onto the flag and measure the yardage to it.


If you opt for a rangefinder that is large, it might be annoying to carry around in your golf bag, whereas if you choose one that is so small that can’t be held with two hands, it will be hard to stabilize it and lock onto the target. 

Ease of use

Technology has really helped speed the game of golf along. Some rounds can be slow and there’s no avoiding that, but a rangefinder shouldn’t add to that time, in fact it should reduce the time it takes you to play. 


Displays need to show the yardage quickly and make sure it’s easy to read. Lot’s of rangefinders use red numbers and targets as it’s easier to see on a green background. However if you have difficulty seeing red or green, double check the settings before you buy and try to get a different display color.

Budget Golf Rangefinder: Conclusion

Using a golf rangefinder in your game can really be the thing which takes your game to the next level. Having the ability to accurately measure your distance to a target is going to help you choose the right club for the shot and hit more greens, and avoid more hazards. 

As well as improving your scores, using a rangefinder can give you a better understanding about your game. I now know how far I hit every one of my irons on a consistent basis with an accuracy of +/- 5 yards. I would of never of learnt this information by just hitting balls on the range and thinking ‘It’s near the 150 yards sign’. Sometimes 10-15 yards is going to put you over the back of the green and into trouble. 

To recap, the best cheap golf rangefinder we would recommend purchasing is the Raythor golf rangefinder. It has the best features available and can easily be compared to the other higher end models on the market. It stands out due to having 3 modes which includes the slope measuring mode which is usually only found on higher priced models. 

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